German & French not liked by Valentina DB & Rev ?

Christian Langers chris at
Thu May 13 17:24:02 EDT 2010


I'm trying to feed my Valentina Db fields with text. When using English, 
no problem. But when using German or French, pfff..

The main problem are the Umlauts (ö,ä,ü,...) or french chars (é,è,à...). 
As I read in the docs, rev fields are storing text in UTF16. Valentina 
is storing text in UTF16 too. So normally there should be no problems 
when storing text from REV into Valentina.
But when retrieving the saved text from the DB, that gives me scrambled 
chars instead of the é,à,è,ü,....

Does anybody have a solution to that ?

I'm working on an Intel Mac, REV 4.5 DP3, Valentina 4.6, using SQLYoga...

Thanks for any advice,


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