Thoughts on Kevin's announcement

David Bovill david at
Thu May 13 05:55:27 EDT 2010

Jerry - it would be good to outline a little more clearly how Rodeo works /
fits into the picture of how to develop apps on iPhone for Rev developers.
I'm not clear - so I guess perhaps others are not.

At present you have to make iPhone apps using either:

   1. Cocoa Touch <> and
Objective C<>using Xcode and
the the iPhone
   SDK <>
   2. Use open web standards and Xcode with or without open source
   frameworks such as
   3. Other?

You could also just create iPhone tailored web sites (with or without
JavaScript frameworks to help out):


I'm sort of assuming that Rodeo is an app written in Cocoa Touch/Objective
C/Xcode which reads and writes structured data to the web server. You
therefore have an authoring app and a web service. The web service is able
to customize an Xcode project, and therefore create an app from this data
for you, which you then aim to submit to the App store.


   - Is this right?
   - Is this not simply using web services to do the same thing as any other
   framework that automatically generates Objective C for Xcode - and therfore
   "could" fall foul of the "originally written" clause on the new license?

I am trying to choose between the web app approach, the PhoneGap approach
and Rodeo - thanks

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