Stuck with Revlets :-(

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Wed May 12 20:27:15 CDT 2010

Jim Bufalini wrote:
> Ton Kuypers wrote:
>> hmmm...
>> I've been testing some more, but no luck...
>> - put
>> url("
>> s.xml") into fld "Data1"   > No result
>> - put url("file:" & "/templates/templates.xml") into fld "Data1"  > No
>> result
>> - put url("file:" & "/wwwroot/placemats4free/templates/templates.xml")
>> into fld "Data1"  > No result
>> Any idea how can I read from a file on the server????
>> The DefaultFolder or The Files gives nothing back, URLs don't seem to
>> work either...
> Try dropping back to Rev 4.0 and report if the problems are the same. There
> have been reports of problems in this area with Rev 4.5 dp-3.

That may be it. I have a test revlet compiled with Rev 4.0, and this 
executes fine:

put url "" into fld 2

I tried Ton's xml file too and it also works. Ton, the other thing you 
can try is to enable all the security settings and rebuild it with 
everything set. If that works, you could remove them one at a time until 
you see what's required for your app. But it sounds like the Rev version 
may be the problem.

Ms. Dud((e)tte)

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