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Bringing things back on topic (well sort of)...

Nietzsche also wrote something called (in English) The Gay Science. This is something of which a certain person on this list is sure to endorse, and illustrates Nietzsche's great foresight or aforementioned person's retrospective hindsight with which we are all familiar, relatively speaking.

Thus spoke Dave

On 12 May 2010, at 21:57, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> René Micout wrote:
> > This argument is used by the enemies of Nietzsche's thought.
> > All these stupid things taken from "La volonté de puissance"
> > book that Nietzsche ever wrote, but was built by his sister who
> > was anti-Semitic (and fan of Hitler) (with whom she strongly
> > disagreed) after the death of his brother. It is true that this
> > philosopher is dangerous because it is misunderstood (Chamberlain)
> > that can lead to aberrations. Nietzsche condemned anti-Semitism
> > very strongly in his writings. Recent studies of the philosopher
> > (in particular by Gilles Deleuze and Patrick Wotling) shows the
> > depth of his concepts of the 19th century sheds light on issues
> > pertinent to the 21st century ...
> I don't mind an OT post when I learn something. :)
> Thanks, René.  Good info.  Sheds good light on the man, and helps explain why my own somewhat limited readings of Nietzsche's works didn't strike me the same way others describe him.
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