Thoughts on Kevin's announcement [MOT]

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Wed May 12 16:35:20 EDT 2010

  MOT: Ministry of Transport / Miles of Topic / Mad, 'Orrible & 
Twisted; your choice.

On 12/05/2010 23:16, Andre Garzia wrote:
> Believe me, I can't understand Nietzsche even in Portuguese... and I had
> classes about him at the university...

My son had a Nietzsche "patch" about a year ago, and all our meals were 
by all sorts of pronouncements about how people who didn't contribute to
society should be shot, and more awful stuff. Luckily my son is 17 and 
has now
recovered from his "Nietzchean aberration" and is now taking out his 
frustrations on the piano and his parents . . .  :(

Perhaps I should also point out that the inventor of Nazism (who was 
English, oddly
enough), Houston Chamberlain (married Wagner's daughter), drew on a lot 
of Nietzsche's
stuff for . . .  well we all know where that went: millions and millions 
of people being gassed:

So, frankly, I don't think I want to understand Nietzsche.


Now; as a holder of a degree in Philosophy, if you really want to read 
some philosophy
that doesn't lead one down the garden path to racism, fascism and so 
forth why not
try a spot of Wittgenstein:

I have been trying spots of Wittgenstein for years, and after about 25, 
feel I am just
beginning to understand what he really wanted to say (and I am probably 


Oh; before I forget:

1. Unicode fonts don't work properly with RunRev and Windows Vista.

2. Fonts and RunRev are enormously problematic with Linux.

3. Nietzsche never played football for Arbroath.

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