Stuck with Revlets :-(

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At first glance I would think it is some path to a file that isn't working correctly when you are put your revlet on the remote server.


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> Subject: Stuck with Revlets :-(
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> Date: Wednesday, May 12, 2010, 11:28 AM
> I'm probably the last one in the
> Revolution community, owning an Enterprise license, but only
> today started exploring the "Build for Web" feature... And
> after a day of testing and struggling I'm stuck :-(
> I think I'm missing a few things, so maybe someone can help
> me out.
> On my webserver I've created a folder structure, containing
> a bunch of folders, each containing subfolders and in the
> last subfolder a bunch of jpg files.
> A local application creates these jpg files, the correct
> folders and an XML file describing everything.
> I've created a stack that reads in the xml file, to fill
> the first field, called "Categories".
> Clicking on a category in this field will read the XML
> again and find the subcategories, which are basically the
> jpg files in the folder.
> Doing this locally, it works fine, but from within the
> Revlet the first field doesn't even get filled, so it
> doesn't read the XML file...
> What am I doing wrong? I don't want to use PHP, .NET or any
> other coding, because this project is very suited to be
> handled completely inside Revolution, but then at least I
> need to be able to load data from the server...
> Is it the XML library that doesn't work in Revlets?
> I'm using version RR 4.5.0-dp3 and am getting quite
> frustrated :-(
> A "Do's and Don'ts when creating Revlets" or an updated
> manual would be nice, but because of the lack of this I have
> to fall back on you guys...
> Hope someone can help me.
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