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I will be doing another posting on Rodeo with answers to your questions. This will happen either Friday or early the next week. 

We will not be peppering the list here with this sort of thing, but I will give quick answers and direct discussion to the Rodeo site where it belongs.

I don't want to wear out my welcome here.


Jerry Daniels

Create iPad web apps with Rodeo:

On May 12, 2010, at 11:15 AM, René Micout <rene.micout at> wrote:

> After that, I'll have to use a quality which fortunately is acquired with age : patience ! Because I am looking forward from now !!
> I tested tRev since last weekend, but I saw nothing about "Kickstart program".
> This could help me pass the time while waiting "Rodeo".
> Can you tell me when is scheduled the first release of Rodeo?
> Thank you for helping us :-)
> René
> Le 12 mai 2010 à 18:01, Jerry Daniels a écrit :
>> Answer: Yes, Rodeo will support access to the iPad APIs that make playing music, etc. possible in a web app. We are constrained by what Apple will allow, but thus far it appears to be a wide-open playing field.
>> That said, Rodeo is being developed and will be released in stages with incremental improvements much as tRev has. Not everything will be available from day one, but because of this, day one will come quickly.
>> Our Kickstart program and sales of tRev are starting to create a development budget for us. The more of that we can do, the better. Also, we have been approached about contract work where we build Rodeo apps for others.
>> Many thanks to the Kickstarters, tRev buyers and iPad clients. May they multiply! We may need to create some Rodeo developers quickly so they can help us with our contracting!
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