Thoughts on Kevin's announcement

David C. davidocoker at
Wed May 12 11:55:03 EDT 2010

This is more of an editorial comment rather than adding anything much
of real value to the discussion, but here goes...

RunRev offers some awesome products and this list community is just
about as good as it gets anywhere. With that said, I can add that
although I sincerely admire what you folks have planned for Rodeo, it
is highly unlikely that I'll ever become a customer or user.

> You don't need revServer, On-Rev, revPlugin, revMobile or even Revolution
> IDE to use Rodeo. You don't even need to get online storage for you web
> apps as that's included in Rodeo's small monthly fee.

What it *does* require though, is the purchase or ownership of Apple
hardware (the iPad for sure and/or a Mac computer should the Windows
version not come about) and I have no intentions of ever "going there"

Apple's restrictive and unwarranted policies have cost them (and
Rodeo) at least one customer for the future. As much as I enjoy the
functionality, ownership of the iPhone even feels a bit "dirty" to me
now. An Android phone will most likely be in my future.

I've become a customer to many of you here that offer Rev related
products... just purchased the conference dvd's, should have a
RevServer account by the end of the week and have plans to upgrade to
the Enterprise edition and/or add RevMobile sometime in the near

I try to be supportive to all of you offering Rev related products
that I need or can use (like Rodeo), but not at the expense --no pun
intended-- of owning or purchasing Apple hardware in the future.

A sad state of affairs, huh?

Best regards,
David C.

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