Thoughts on Kevin's announcement

René Micout rene.micout at
Wed May 12 10:52:24 EDT 2010

Your explanation are, for me, easier to understand than your blog explanation (because I can read and I am not obliged to follow your explanations spoken...).
If I have well understand Rodeo is that I need !
Question 1 : is 100% iPad features available ? > music by example...
Question 2 : why it is not the way taken by RunRev ?

Le 12 mai 2010 à 16:38, Jerry Daniels a écrit :

> Since you brought it up, I believe Rodeo is the most straight forward approach to developing web apps for the iPad. Of course, I'm biased because Sarah, Rob, Mary Jane and I are creating Rodeo! 
> You don't need revServer, On-Rev, revPlugin, revMobile or even Revolution IDE to use Rodeo. You don't even need to get online storage for you web apps as that's included in Rodeo's small monthly fee.
> Rodeo will be like HyperCard for the iPad. Simple and easy. Whatever skill you possess in revTalk, HyperTalk, stack/card architecture can be reused as a Rodeo developer.
> Rodeo is being built using revServer, On-Rev and Revolution IDE by our development team. RunRev, the company, will profit from our endeavor as our technology of choice. We would not be able to get to market so quickly without our use of Revolution technology.
> With Rodeo Desktop IDE you write your code in a single HyperTalk-like language and build your interface with an integrated Hypercard-like UI builder. On the iPad itself you will be able to edit the code for your Rodeo-built web app if you have edit permissions, which as the author of the app you would have.
> Rodeo is well suited for personal app development, education, consultants, and custom app developers whose clients don't want to pay $75,000+ or deal with Apple's app store as is the case with an Objective-C app for the iPad
> As the weeks tick by, we plan to add support for iPhone and other mobile platforms if there is a demand. We are seriously considering an option to help our customers roll their web apps into native iPad apps that can be submitted to the app store. This service will also be demand-driven.
> This is a simple product with attractive pricing made with the small developer and inventive user  in mind. I hope this explanation helps you sort through your options.    

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