Thoughts on Kevin's announcement

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Wed May 12 10:03:59 EDT 2010

  On 12/05/2010 16:48, René Micout wrote:
> Le 12 mai 2010 à 15:38, Richmond Mathewson a écrit :
>> so "sucks to Apple" and move
>> on
> Richmond,
> I like (love ?) RunRev but I like (love) also Apple computers (hardware and software)...
> I love RevTalk>  no JavaScript (while...)
> I love Apple>  no Linux, no Windows
> :-)_______________________________________________

I have been married for very nearly 20 years; the path of 'true love' is 
rarely, if ever, smooth.

I love my PPC G3 and G4 Macs; should I suddenly become a bit richer than 
I am at the moment
I would probably rush out a buy a maxxed-out MacPro,a big, juicy laptop 
and so on.

I have 3 children who come to my school with iPhones; I have played 
around with all of them
extensively; they, frankly, leave me cold: when I want a mobile 
telephone I want a mobile
telephone; when I want a computer I want a computer; when I want a 
record player, camera,
personal psychiatrist . . . blah, blah, blah.  And, last but not least; 
curling up with an iPad for a read
seems a pretty poor second to a real book.

I don't have much time for dictatorial types who tell me what I can or 
cannot do with something
I, supposedly, own; or stop me from helping other people do what they 
want with things they
supposedly own.

I also love the fact that, thanks to Linux, my hardware overheads in my 
school are about ten percent
of my children's annual pocket-money requirements.

I don't like Windows; but, like it or not; most of the people who use my 
software outwith my school
use Windows - so I have to test my stuff on Windows.


I love Runtime Revolution "to distraction", and have repeatedly tried to 
'stretch the envelope'
with it. I love it so much that I would like it to be available to all 
and everybody, as so with
standalones generated from it; hence my hammering on and on about the 
Linux version.


I know that Kevin and Co. are in an awkward position. However, I did 
state a while back
that I wondered whether they were not over-extending themselves a bit.

I do hope that both RunRev and RunRev (i.e. the company and the IDE) can 
survive this
particular storm - which, in all probability, will look rather 
insignificant with the
wisdom of hindsight in a couple of years time.

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