[OT] Licensing question

Michael Kann mikekann at yahoo.com
Wed May 12 09:34:48 EDT 2010

Richmond, I have a Vista machine if you want me to test anything. Don't hesitate to email me. (It will take me a while to find the parts and get it going, so don't wait till the last minute.)


--- On Wed, 5/12/10, Richmond Mathewson <richmondmathewson at gmail.com> wrote:

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> Subject: Re: [OT] Licensing question
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> Date: Wednesday, May 12, 2010, 8:29 AM
>  On 12/05/2010 15:08, Ian Wood
> wrote:
> > Did he buy an upgrade or a full install? If he just
> has an upgrade then it's s definite no-no.
> > 
> > Ian
> > 
> > On 12 May 2010, at 12:47, Richmond Mathewson wrote:
> > 
> >> A friend of mine has just gone and bought a
> Windows 7 install
> >> disk and is busy installing it on his expensive,
> bells-n-whistles
> >> PC. He wants to give me his Vista install disk so
> that I can bung it on
> >> a P4 for testing. As he is upgrading to Win 7 he
> doesn't feel that
> >> this is a "wicking" thing to do.
> >> 
> >> Any bright ideas about the legality of his idea?
> No; it is not an upgrade disk, and it is not an OEM that
> came with the machine.
> However; he has told me that the disk will install a
> functioning system that will run for
> a month prior to registration, and that I could run it for
> a day just to do my testing
> and then blank the disk; presumably this is no worse than
> running a Demo program ????
> As I really am not screamingly interested in Vista (or
> Windows in general) I am merely
> looking for a way to do about 3 hours testing of my
> software (a user has reported a
> problem; which, if it can be reduplicated, is a general
> RunRev bug) without, quite frankly,
> having to pay for an install disk. However, for various
> reasons, I am not overly keen on
> breaking the law.
> Another friend of mine offered me the loan of her laptop
> running Vista; but I really
> don't want to run the risk of bu**ering up her install.
> What I need to do is this:
> Bung Vista on an old P4 1.7GHz, 512 MB RAM I have lurking
> under my bed; bung RunRev
> Studio 4 on it; run both the original stack and the
> standalone - ONCE, to ascertain if the
> problem is real or just a problem with this chap's
> individual install. Wipe the disk.
> Time for all this (inc. OS install) about 120 minutes Max.
> If the problem is real, there is nothing I can do about it
> and it has to be lobbed back to
> RunRev so that it can go on the list of bugfixes: which I
> very much hope is not the
> case as they have a backlog going back for yonks.
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