Thoughts on Kevin's announcement

René Micout rene.micout at
Wed May 12 06:09:47 EDT 2010

I read ALL the posts about RevMobile iPad published before and after the Kevin's announcement (difficult because I understand directly approximately 50% of what I read).
As a non-professional developper not interested by AppStore, at this time 6 (+2?) solutions are available to me :
1.	Expect a change in strategy from Apple > I don't believe it, especially since I agree with, roughly, the arguments of Steve
	Jobs (I am not a fanatic cross-plateform).
2.	Begin to explore Objective-C with the help of my daughter who decided to join it (she's an ActionScripter...) > I find it
	hard to believe considering my age and my abilities
3.	Expect Hypercard for iPad suitable to Mr. Jobs... > good wills ?
4.	Expect a multitouch Wacom Wifi tablet (like Cintiq but multitouch and Wifi) > in this case it would multitouch functions in
5.	Use RevMobile for iPad in his unfinished version > Full features ? What price ? Compiler ? and Kevin said : "We can no
	longer create the native interface objects layer, but rather invite our community to develop a set of emulated object".
	This last point does not bother me too much, it is a form of very interesting challenge and it is a bit 	what I am doing now
	with RunRev (the Macintosh interface unsatisfactory) ...
6.	Watch the side of Rodeo > it feel interesting but it feel complicated (perhaps I am wrong...)
If some of you are interested in the point "5", I would be glad to talk with them...

-- After that line, that's humor! ;-)
I thought also two other solutions :
7.	Start a hunger strike > impossible, I'm french and in France the food is sacred!
8.	Immolate by the fire surrounded by all my Macintoshes (128K, SE30, IIfx, MacPorts, PowerBook 170, PB5040, PB G3
	Series, PB Titanium PB G4 12 "iMac G7 27", sorry I have no iPhone and not yet iPad [28th May]) under the Eiffel
	Tower > It's the Steve Jobs's favorite monument !

Bon souvenir de Paris

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