Zombie Win icon

David Glasgow david at dvglasgow.wanadoo.co.uk
Wed May 12 05:09:40 EDT 2010

Hello folks,

More Windows icon weirdness, I am afraid.  I had a home made icon for a standalone very close to release.  I used IcoFX as recommended on this list.  I posted recently that my icon looked horrible and dithered on Windows, displaying a small icon even when a big one is required (all sizes are  included in build, and Rev accepts the ico as valid when building).

Sadly, I didn't get any suggestions on list, but someone else suggested that perhaps it was a problem with the source image I used to build the icon.  So I commissioned a very different looking one from a professional illustrator, and  looks great.  (I am never going to mess around designing icons again)

Now, I use Rev studio, so the procedure is:

Build icon in Win (Vista) using IcoFX and my great new artwork
Save Mac & Win icons  to memory stick
Build standalone on Mac (referencing icons)
Copy Win standalone to stick
Launch standalone in Vista

The mac standalone with new icon looks lovely

On Vista, when viewed on the memory stick the new icon only appears at small sizes, with a generic blue screen icon used at larger sizes.  AND if I drag the app to the Win hard drive, the icon changes to the horrible old dithered one I no longer use.  So, it seems Vista allows a dead icon to rise from the grave and take over a standalone, irrespective of the icon that has been used in the Rev build.  Can this be true?  If so:

1/ What is the silver bullet needed to kill off my horrible first icon? (I know, silver bullet is vampires...)

2/ Why does my IcoFX icon only appear at small sizes when all sizes are built into the icon?

Thanks for any advice

David Glasgow

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