Apple: 100 good reasons for revMobile

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> Le 11 mai 2010 à 19:11, Kevin Miller a écrit :
>> On 11/05/2010 17:57, "Bob Sneidar" <bobs at> wrote:
>>> I submitted my 2 cents. Just a note here, it will not serve us well to use
>>> this as an opportunity to flame Apple or Steve Jobs. Please keep your posts
>>> civilized and hopeful.
>> I certainly wouldn't want to see people flame Apple or Steve Jobs. If you
>> have some constructive feedback for him I'm sure there would be no harm
>> sending it. Lets keep it professional.
>> Kind regards,
>> Kevin
>> Kevin Miller ~ kevin at ~
>> RunRev - Software construction for everyone
> Right.
> I have read many things bad about Apple on this list. I, personally, do not
> resent Apple for the decision they made. I very much understand Apple's point
> of view and the fact that they value very much their independence. This is the
> same attachment to independence, I feel, that have lead some people to react
> so strongly to Apple's decision. Well, conflicts of interest are not new.
> Please stop these post "Beware Apple; I am going to develop for android". As
> far as I am concerned, I have heard the message. I guess everybody who has
> read the list last week got the message. And my mother has strictly forbidden
> me to express my opinion on android and related Google ventures.
> Retrospectively, I'd rather have kept the 700€ I spent on revMobile to buy
> what is soon to be my iPad. But, at the time, revMobile for the iPhone had me
> convinced, and I do not regret supporting runrev on this opportunity. Well,
> you can't win them all.
> I am happy to learn that runrev will pay some attention to field formatting
> and perhaps an a number of request that are pending at qacenter.
> Best regards,
> François
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