Object is not an image when Crop command

Scott Rossi scott at tactilemedia.com
Tue May 11 13:14:38 EDT 2010

Recently, JosepM wrote:

> I have a image and some graphics "polygons" over.
> The user select one of them and extract the image inside the edges of the
> graphic.
> And then the user can move if they want or duplicate.
> "the selectedobject" is the polygon
> on mouseUp
>    lock screen
>    put the rect of the selectedobject into tRect
>    import snapshot from rect tRect of image "picture"
>    put the id of last image into tSnapshotId
>    set the backgroundpattern of the selectedobject to tSnapshotId
>    delete img id tSnapshotId
>    set the layer of the selectedobject to top
>    set the ink of the selectedobject to srcCopy
>    unlock screen
> end mouseUp
> What you think about? Can I have any problem of memory if I use more
> graphics with backgroundpattern?

I don't think so.  If the graphics are large, and the user has to move them
around the card, there might be some slowness when dragging them around.

> And other question to explore :)
> How can empty the area of the image that is inside the graphic? Modifying
> the imagedata? 
> Or select a range of pixels and asign a new color?

You can modify pixels of an image, but maybe it would be less complicated to
overlay a colored overlay object where you want it and create a new snapshot
to apply as the backgroundPattern.


Scott Rossi
Creative Director
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