Strange results in deletion of lines

David C. davidocoker at
Mon May 10 23:51:05 EDT 2010

>>> David - unless you have huge numbers of lines it's probably easiest to just
>>> use the filter command.
>>> filter tHold without "F*"
>> The list is currently running almost 30,000 lines and this is just the
>> first stage of the required processing, so I'll try the other
>> approaches that you and Nicolas have offered.
> David - if you have that many lines and you need to run each line though a
> number of processes then I'd definitely use the repeat for each form.
> Terry...

Yup, the amount of processing on this one is a real monster.
The app will convert a "fixed field" flat file into tab delimited
format, constructing a proper header, filtering out (deleting) the
items that are not required, adding decimals in the right position in
a couple of fields, then finally logically inserting dash(es) "-"  in
specific places, based on the length and content of each string
containing from 6 to 13 alphanumeric characters... all while
maintaining a copy of the original item number.

With all of the great assistance for making selective deletions, I
actually have the majority of it coded and functional. Still need to
do some fine tuning on the strategic/logical placement of dashes
though. This little puppy will run as slow as molasses, so thankfully
my client won't need to use it more than once per quarter.

Then I get to build a second version that keeps the deleted "F" items
in place while removing everything else.
Oh what a joy. ;-)

Thanks to all of you for the help... very much appreciated!
David C.

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