Strange results in deletion of lines

Terry Judd tsj at
Mon May 10 23:26:49 EDT 2010

On 11/05/10 1:06 PM, "David C." <davidocoker at> wrote:

>> David - unless you have huge numbers of lines it's probably easiest to just
>> use the filter command.
>> filter tHold without "F*"
> The list is currently running almost 30,000 lines and this is just the
> first stage of the required processing, so I'll try the other
> approaches that you and Nicolas have offered.

David - if you have that many lines and you need to run each line though a
number of processes then I'd definitely use the repeat for each form.


>> When you "delete line j of tHold", the number of lines in tHold
>> changes. So, tCount no longer meshes
> That actually makes a lot of sense now that you mention it... guess
> I've been overlooking the obvious.
> Thank you very much to both Terry & Nicolas.
> Best regards,
> David C.
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