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David Bovill david at
Mon May 10 18:53:10 EDT 2010

On 10 May 2010 19:11, Andre Garzia <andre at> wrote:

> As soon as Rev works well on Linux, I will switch back to Linux making a
> comeback to the land of the free just like I did a switch from linux to
> macs
> in 2000.

Me too!

Actually, in the same way that it looks like the future of consumer oriented
operating systems at Apple is going to be the iPhone OS, it also looks like
the (consumer oriented) Linux of the future is going to be Android. For me,
this bodes well in the longer term for Revolution.

That is because at last RunRev will be forced to prioritize both Linux (ie
Android) and to create a robust open source  development strategy. I'm NOT
talking here about open sourcing all of the Revolution engine - but because
of the way I understand RunRev are proposing developing for Android, it does
seem that there will be a need to start to engage with a wider open  source
community. This is because the Rev engine will be called by Android front
end widgets - which in turn will be open source. In other words the front
end will be open source and the Rev back end closed. This in turn will mean
that belatedly RunRev will inevitably be led down the path of learning how
to use classic open source community building strategies. This in turn will
have spin off benefits for the server side integration with other open
source platforms.

I'd predict that in time, Apple will open up, and we'll get Rev on iOS, so
while I love the iPad and iPhone platforms as consumer oriented hardware
(and will have to shelve 2 iPad related projects) - I'm secretly really
pleased about the new focus on Android :)

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