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Scott Rossi scott at
Mon May 10 16:27:30 EDT 2010

Recently, Bill Vlahos wrote:

> I want to delete a file on disk but not do it immediately. If I just issue the
> "delete file..." command it works right away.
> delete file "Folder/temp/" & originalFileName  -- Works
> How do I issue the command to delete it in 20 seconds? If I issue the
> following it gets a compiler error "missing a comma near the to".
> send delete file "Folder/temp/" & originalFileName to this stack in 20 seconds
> -- Gets a compiler error

Create a new handler/command and send it after 20 seconds.

send "deleteTempFile pFileName" to me in 20 secs

on deleteTempFile pFileName
   delete file "Folder/temp/" & pFileName
end deleteTempFile


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