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I would have loved to have instead heard apple's reaction to the prospect that runrev would output clean well formed objective C source that would be compiled in apples blessed and native IDE. Of course apple would want to developed its own xtalk environment for the ipad.  They own the domain!  They invented it!  What did you think they would say?  Nuts!

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As we all know, the very definition of a personal computer has changed  
radically over the last year. Personal computing devices are becoming  
more personal and more mobile. This transformation has accelerated  
dramatically in the last month.

Every technology company on our little planet is changing the way they  
do business to accommodate this transformation. And so is Revolution.  
Shareholders chase growth, and everyone of us who have bought a  
license to Revolution desktop, On-Rev, or revMobile are, in effect  
shareholders. We don't want to be left behind.

Kevin and team have shown their resilience and brilliance in the  
transformation department with their announcement today. They've  
adjusted their roadmap and their offering to keep us all in the game.  
They have my thanks, trust, and admiration. And my business going  

I have done business with Kevin over the last decade as his  
contractor, vendor, customer and friend. I spent a few days with him  
and Mark in Edinburgh working on a project. We've broken bread, curry  
and haggis together. I known these guys. I like doing business with  
them and I like where they're going.

I bought the great revMobile pre-alpha along with the conference, the  
DVDs, the works. I do not want or expect a refund just because a part  
it will not be delivered as hoped. Even if I had bought within the  
last 30 days I would not want anything. I'm getting a good product and  
value for my money. I have no concerns. I know I'll get preferential  
treatment with any new mobility platforms Kevin an Mark do.


Jerry Daniels

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