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Neal Campbell nealk3nc at
Mon May 10 13:47:40 EDT 2010

Being a developer who makes his living at it (like many of us do), I develop
on platforms that make me the most money, period. To date, thats Windows.
While there is opportunity to make money on mobile devices, I think that
opportunity for me is more of a n-tiered solution where the mobile device is
solely a UI to the server(s) solution. I absolutely hate almost all of
Microsoft's architecture, it smacks of being designed by a room full of
monkeys (sri if I slandered any monkeys out there) but its so overladen with
layers of junk just to get something done.

Apple's archiectural designs are so elegant and clean they just invite you
to use them. But, I would rather have my toenails trimmed with a machete by
a room full of Microsoft architects than to code in Objective C. Its not I
cannot do it (as I have), its that I don't like it.

When the iPhone craze hit 2 years ago, my sincerest hope was that it would
foster other native-appearing alternatives to ObjC since the developers were
having to use Macs for iPhone development and we could get some non-objC
koolaid. Almost bought a commercial license of QT even though I  hate C++
almost as much as ObjC, In fact, I put my money on mono which allowed me to
use my windows skills everywhere. But the sad fact is the establishment of
cross-platform frameworks would bring some many new applications to OS X
that it would ignite that platform. But by making the iphone/ipad platform
closed to anyone but objC coders, he has starved off this flood of OS X

He has chosen what my former CEO called "the precisely irrelevant" solution,
looking to have 100% of the latest features present in any application
instead of "the meaningfully approximate" of 85% and many more entries on
their platform. By staying "pure", he will experience what happens with an
exclusionary policy. Its language apartheid.

Neal Campbell
Abroham Neal Software

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