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Robert Mann rman at
Mon May 10 12:08:40 EDT 2010

As Jerry's points out and acts : life is more about doing and seeing rather
than trying to predict the future, ins't it?    

So.. Yes indeed... 
"They could ban a drawing app because, conceivably, you might draw porn   
with it, or for any other reason. "

The question is : will they do it? Why? and.. to what extend??? 
-- clearly they launched a war with Flash.. until when? until flash cures
the mutlitasking issue?
-- they might let Infinity around...
-- and maybe others? (still hope for something like Runrev.. )
-- what interest would they have in spotting that you rueused 3 times the
same librairie in your apps??? 

So.. in front of a terrorizing dragon-steve with his apple sword, i would
advocate the trial error and adaptation process... dragons are sometimes
nicer than they look first hand!

So far nobody knows.. let's assume that!

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