Check out Jerry's new videos -- REV to ObjC -> iPhone

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And why would they?  What is apples motivation?  Is it to piss everyone off?  Is it to appear anti-competitive?  Is it to kill innovation?  Is it a vendetta against xtalk or other programming languages?

Look at it this way...  Lets say a some terrorists take out the world trade centers with commercial jets.  You know they are all middle eastern.  Do you stop all middle eastern looking people from traveling?  Well you would have to if you didn't have scanners.  With scanners you can bypass a person's appearance and only hassle those holding weapons.  By having access to source in one language, apple can scan apps to insure safety and other apple specific interests and still allow everyone to "free to move about the airplane".


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Except, if a tool like Rev were generating the code to paste in, it would inevitably contain large portions of identical code across projects. Apple could easily ban any app that matches those very clear signatures.

> On May 8, 2010, at 11:28 PM, "J. Landman Gay" <jacque at> wrote:
>> Ruslan Zasukhin wrote:
>>> RevMobile before it seems was going generate c# sources?
>>> Strange choice as for me.
>>> Main engine should go to C,
>>> Some parts of REV project also to C
>>> And GUI part of REV project to ObjC - Cocoa.
>> This is forbidden by the new license. There can be no translations. All work must be created originally by Apple-specified tools.
> Of course, if you pasted the C code into Xcode and built your app there, there would be no way Apple could tell the code was not written in Xcode. Text is text.
> I've compared Revtalk and C a little bit and there are some code structures that are so similar translation would be easy (if then, switch). Chunk expressions are an example of something that would not translate, so there would have to be a special set of handlers that split strings and returned items, and in Revtalk you'd need to call these functions rather than using the stock ones to make the C output feasible.
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