Check out Jerry's new videos -- REV to ObjC -> iPhone

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And the sky is falling too!  You have to get your mind around the motivations behind apple's demands.  Do that and you won't have to move to idaho and build a bomb bunker.

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I'm beginning to think there is something wrong with your brain. Have you not bothered listening to anything that has been said here or on the web? The whole point of the license is to make sure developers used Apple's and only Apple's tools. What part of that is hard to understand?

Actually, the jokes on me. You are clearly a troll. Not interested in any sort of logical discourse, only in stirring the pot. I had heard you were thrown off the SuperCard list for similar behavior. 

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> No it isn't and I will be willing to bet a large sum that apple's only desire is to control the compiling process.  That way they know what their devices will be running.  And, importantly, they can not legally go beyond this level of control.  What you guys are afraid of isn't being expressed openly and honestly but it has nothing to do with apple's dictates.
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