Check out Jerry's new videos -- REV to ObjC -> iPhone

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No it isn't and I will be willing to bet a large sum that apple's only desire is to control the compiling process.  That way they know what their devices will be running.  And, importantly, they can not legally go beyond this level of control.  What you guys are afraid of isn't being expressed openly and honestly but it has nothing to do with apple's dictates.

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What you fail to see again despite our insistence to tell you is that such
tool to generate C code from Rev Stacks is precisely what is now forbidden
by the new agreement. I am beginning to think that you can actually speak
English or that my English is surprisingly awful because I've told you maybe
SEVEN TIMES THIS WEEK ALONE that the new agreement prohibits generating C
code from anything. The clause says "originally written in Objective-C" and
not "Cross compiled into Objective-C".

The source of all this mayhem is the exact fact that we're legally bound to
an agreement that prevents using any kind of generator program. Generators
are not Apple Compliant no matter how many emails you send to this list,
they will still be illegal. No matter how many times we tell you that you
can't and you tell use that YES RANDALL CAN or that you know better, you
still can't. There's an agreement, a contract and developer sign that thing

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