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Michael Kann mikekann at
Sun May 9 12:02:54 EDT 2010

Randall Reetz' Rejoinder: 
Really, I can edit my web page in the browser just by drawing and dragging?  Wrong.
Mike's Meticulous Reply: 
Randall, don't give up so easily. Drawing: With the HTML5 Canvas Element and the right javascript library it is very doable. Have the user draw on the canvas. Collect the imageData from the canvas and send it back to the server using AJAX. On the server figure out what the schmo was drawing for you and send him back a webpage to fit his design. Dragging: every self-respecting javascript library has that.

Any other functionality you might need?

Always willing to help out,

Earlier Discussion: 

Randall Reetz:

What I have always wanted is a browser that goes way beyond
"view source", allowing instead an "edit mode" that allows
direct manipulation of page elements in vitro.

Your wish is my command:

Or turning on the debug menu in Safari, then right-click on anything  
in the page and 'inspect element'.

It's been a few years since all a browser would do was show you the  
source code.



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