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Michael Kann mikekann at
Sun May 9 09:15:56 EDT 2010

Peter, if you want to put up a web page on the on-rev server to give it a try I'd be happy to give you a folder to fool around with. I'm using about a millionth of my alotted space at the moment.

Part of what Peter Alcibiades wrote:

So basically it goes like this, doesn't it?

We want to write on-rev material, we can, we use a text editor, then we
load it onto the Rev run on-rev server, and it works fine in Linux or
anything else, in any web browser.

-- Make sure you save the file as "text" before uploading.
-- I use Filezilla to upload my files. The built-in cPanel screwed up the line endings for me.

Presumably there's a handbook with a guide for how to do this someplace.
-- The handbook is named Sarah.

We don't have the on-rev desktop client which might make life easer, but we can do it. 
-- Would probably make life more difficult.

What we need for this is a subscription to the on-Rev hosting service.  I'm
not thinking of doing this at the moment, so this not going to be available.
-- If you do want to get a subscription you might be able to get one at half price through Lynn Fredericks' company. I don't know if that offer is still in effect. You might have to buy something to get the discount.

If Rev eventually releases the server package, then it would be
in principle possible to do this on any server where it was loaded, but we
are not there yet.


By installing the RunRev 3.5 engine on any Apache server you can get just about the same functionality as you would get on the on-rev server. Using the engine instead of the irev files is a little less convenient, but the end result will be the same. One really handy aspect of the on-rev server is that you can use the shell commands combined with the irev files. For example, you can use imageMagick to dick around with your images before you  send them out. So if you want to use RunRev in place of PHP you can do it on any Apache server that will let you install the engine. (Many people are doing that). 
Hope that helps a little,



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