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Chipp Walters chipp at
Sat May 8 18:14:02 EDT 2010

On May 8, 2010, at 4:38 PM, Randall Lee Reetz <randall at> wrote:

> I made no such claims.

You did compare the two and I responded to your comparison.

>  I said that such output capacity wouldn't interfere with day to day xtalk use.  

I have no idea what that means.

> I write artificial intelligence.  

Maybe I've read some of your books?

> I have always used xtalk.

Great. I'm fond of RevTalk.

> It allows me to think and create using the same cognitive resources.  

You mean your brain? We're alike in that way- I use mine often as well.

> It would not be trivial to get runrev to export C source.  

Yes, we're again agreed on this point. That's two!

> But it would be invaluable to users and to the longevity and reach of the runrev product and market.

Ack. There's the rub. Just because you believe it invaluable for yourself, doesn't make it invaluable to Rev. And the fact it is not yet any sort of current option would prove Rev's not that interested, for if they really thought they could make money with it, they would prioritize the feature.

We've established you like xtalk. Why don't you spearhead a project to convert xtalk to C? I suspect, with your skills in writing books on AI, you could also include a really nice manual. Best of luck! 

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