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Sat May 8 13:48:35 EDT 2010


Kevin and I have worked closely together for some years now, and we communicate frequently. He has, of course, been privy to what we're doing and wants us to have great success. He has been pleased that we're really leveraging revServer technology and building our web app IDE in desktop Revolution.

RevMobile creates native apps...binaries. That's part and parcel of the Runtime Revolution DNA. Rodeo creates web apps using revServer technologies. I can't imagine a better tech partnership.

I realize the list has become infused with doubt and fear these last few weeks, but our announcement is nothing but the Revolution platform being used to its best advantage. No fear, uncertainty or doubt.

Lastly, we make it abundantly clear how and when we plan to deploy Rodeo in our Roadmap video:

Not all pricing models make all people happy. But given the rules on interpreters running on the iPad, we don't feel like rolling the dice with Apple. 

If you think about it, there are such fees everywhere: license renewals (Revolution), developer membership (Apple), server storage (hosted services), embedded ads (Google).

Given the narrow walls of the Apple regulations for the iPad, I think our fee structure represents a good choice for Rodeo users and our company's continued success.


Jerry Daniels

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On May 8, 2010, at 12:11 PM, Roger.E.Eller at wrote:

> On 05/08/2010 at 09:57 AM, Jerry Daniels wrote:
>> People always ask: "What sorts of things can you do with Revolution?"
>> Rodeo is an example of one of Rev greatest strengths: manipulating
>> strings on a server to create web app pages for a very particular device.
> As a user of Revolution, know what Revolution can do. It is very powerful
> indeed. However, I have only seen videos of a Rodeo sales pitch. Do you
> have videos that demonstrate your Rodeo product in action? I really don't
> like subscription-based business models either. I prefer to buy a tool than
> to rent it.  After years of using Rev as a multi-platform tool, I won't go
> back to something that allows me to develop on/for only one platform. I
> have been spoiled by the choices that Rev provides.
> Also, I thought there was something in our Revolution contract that would
> prevent the creation of tools that compete directly with RunTime itself.
> Isn't Rodeo in competition with RevMobile? It seems that the Apple/Adobe
> decision is creating division everywhere. I don't like it.
> ~Roger Eller
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