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Sat May 8 11:21:31 EDT 2010


We want to do a really superb job on the iPad. Once we're satisfied with that, the next logical target will be iPhone. We are also watching closely Android and WebOS. We are being careful not to over commit at this time.

As far as getting an iPad goes, I recommend the repost I did of the EMC executive who bought an iPad.

It's like a case study for the introduction of a hybrid technology into a very tech-oriented family.


Jerry Daniels

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On May 8, 2010, at 9:57 AM, "David C." <davidocoker at> wrote:

>> So what is the answer? Rodeo!
> Although they are plenty cool, up until now I have just about sworn
> off on the idea of purchasing an iPad. The whole Rodeo concept
> however, makes me want to turn lose with the $$cash$$ so I can dive
> off into the fun and games. I already have tRev and would be more than
> happy to participate through the Kickstart program.... it's just too
> bad that you actually have to own an iPad to use Rodeo...
> Question:
> Are there any plans to accommodate development for the iPhone using Rodeo?
> Best regards,
> David C.
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