PDF import?

Peter Brigham MD pmbrig at gmail.com
Sat May 8 08:09:31 EDT 2010

Thanks for reminding me of the tempname, I'll end up using it. Thanks  
to William & Jim for trying out the browser window technique for  
displaying PDFs. I'll get busy trying these work-arounds.

-- Peter

Peter M. Brigham
pmbrig at gmail.com

On May 7, 2010, at 12:40 PM, stephen barncard wrote:

> Hi Peter,
> Not really. We are probably doing the things that "other" apps do -  
> we just
> don't see it. Similarly, we can't do things like play audio from a  
> variable
> - not sure why but it may be that there always has to be some kind  
> of file
> to be a buffer for the audio to stream properly without glitches.
> You should check out , if you haven't already,   the tempName....
> On 7 May 2010 08:49, Peter Brigham MD <pmbrig at gmail.com> wrote:
>> What I want to do is to import a PDF image into a stack as a  
>> customprop. I
>> anticipate using this for sensitive documents that will need to be  
>> contained
>> within a password-protected stack, and I don't want the files  
>> themselves
>> left on the user's disk drive. It looks as if I'll have to store  
>> the PDF
>> binary file as a customprop then delete the file, and then when the  
>> user
>> wants to access the stored file spit the PDF out to disk on demand  
>> for
>> viewing and printing using Preview, then delete the file from disk  
>> when
>> done. Is there any other way? Can I print an image from a player  
>> control? Or
>> even better, is there a Rev external that will convert PDF files to  
>> an
>> importable image?

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