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I have no idea what you guys are talking about.  But my god.  A solution that complicated, with that many stacked conditions and contingencies can't actually be considered a solution to anything.  The "cloud" is simply a scheme to get other people to provide services so that you don't have to, and to get people to think they need services they can't understand and therefore need.  Have you ever really tried to live by web apps?  That is the day you wish you had a hard disk with an application running on it on a standard computer.  Apps are locally stored that way.  G3 ain't wide band.  Wireless ain't ethernet.  Ethernet ain't a system bus.  A client side cookie ain't an application in memory.

End arounds aren't solutions.

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OK, just to be clear, is this how it is?

--  If you have subscribed to the on-rev hosting service, you can then write
and host pages on it, using any text editor, which will allow any web
browser to run your web apps, but only (at least at the moment) from the
on-rev server run by Rev itself.

-- if you have the desktop rev-web client, you can debug the pages you have
written for the rev-web hosting service, online.  However, you don't have to
have this to run and manage the pages.

-- If you have revBrowser, you can display any web pages in Rev stacks.

-- if you have the browser plugin, you can run revlets, ie stacks you've
compiled for the web, in the browser with that plugin, and these can be
hosted anyplace you can get anyone to host them, including locally.

Is that how it goes?  So if you're running and writing for Linux, you can
write pages for the rev-web server, and they will run in any browser on any
OS including Linux, but the only way to do that is by subscribing to the
hosting service.

The rest of it, you cannot do any of it.  Well, not quite right, you can
develop and compile for the web, but then you can't use what you have made
from the system you developed it on.


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