How exactly does runrev for ipad/iphone work?

René Micout rene.micout at
Fri May 7 10:53:15 EDT 2010

I agree with all your post...
It is exactly what I think even part about Steve Jobs
Bon souvenir de Paris

Le 7 mai 2010 à 16:05, Robert Mann a écrit :

> Just.. one more word!
> I happen to have a legal background, my initial idea long time ago was to
> set up legal expert systems.. (yes I love lawyers!!). Eventhough lots of
> things are purely contractual in the US, there still remains the general
> principle in our modern states, that a contract cannot overide some "higher"
> rules, like the bill of right in the US which stands clear at the
> constitutional level.
> In the Gizmodo case... there was a clear breach of standard laws : it is
> straight illegal to buy out a stolen good.. full point. Some guy at some
> point has been really dumb and pretentious to rely on the freedom of press
> protection. In that case the freedom or press is an inferior right to the
> right of ownership.
> In our 3.3.1 case, there would be abolutely no reasonable reason for a judge
> to grant Apple the power to check how the hell your Xcode was written except
> if... 
> -- they have proof you jailed a 10 years old genius that you exploit... that
> would be illegal.
> I think it lies in article 7 oh human rights... (nobody can interfere with
> your life unless there is a good reason and to do so..)
> Writing, managing, your xCode librairies in tText (thanks JD) IS NOT
> ILLEGAL. Same if you use plugins to auto-update code, or auto generate full
> or part of it... this is not illegal. If Apple say so, even if you have
> signed, but if you refuse anybody from Apple to come at your home and check,
> the judge will have to decide. And your attorneys will object that there is
> no reson to authorize this as it would be an unreasonable infringment of
> your fundamental freedom... 
> And... any provision in an Apple contract saying that this use of a runrev
> app somwhere in the line could be challenged at court in view of the yet non
> existing, but implied, "freedom of thinking" clause in the bill of right..
> man shall we have to vote that one in???? 
> In France many contracts are "OVERULED" by laws that dictacte what clauses
> are valid or invalid ab initio, whatever you sign...  and this 3.3.1 clause
> would not stand a chance in France and Europe.
>> From a technical point of view there cannot be any violation of right..
> where there are no rights! And apple just has not the right to decide how
> you think... and has no right to forbid you to copy and paste xcode from a
> published source of code that allows it, however "generic" and not original
> it is... There are limits to how far in your life a contract can reach.
> Nevertheless, I'm in sympathy with Steve Jobs concern to control the quality
> of pieces of software that run on apples machines...  !!!
> again the good news is that if flash gets bitten, there maybe be more
> opportunities for revWeb plugin and for ON-REV technologie to expand...
> don't yu think?
> -- 
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