How exactly does runrev for ipad/iphone work?

Robert Mann rman at
Fri May 7 10:05:27 EDT 2010

Just.. one more word!

I happen to have a legal background, my initial idea long time ago was to
set up legal expert systems.. (yes I love lawyers!!). Eventhough lots of
things are purely contractual in the US, there still remains the general
principle in our modern states, that a contract cannot overide some "higher"
rules, like the bill of right in the US which stands clear at the
constitutional level.

In the Gizmodo case... there was a clear breach of standard laws : it is
straight illegal to buy out a stolen good.. full point. Some guy at some
point has been really dumb and pretentious to rely on the freedom of press
protection. In that case the freedom or press is an inferior right to the
right of ownership.

In our 3.3.1 case, there would be abolutely no reasonable reason for a judge
to grant Apple the power to check how the hell your Xcode was written except
-- they have proof you jailed a 10 years old genius that you exploit... that
would be illegal.
I think it lies in article 7 oh human rights... (nobody can interfere with
your life unless there is a good reason and to do so..)

Writing, managing, your xCode librairies in tText (thanks JD) IS NOT
ILLEGAL. Same if you use plugins to auto-update code, or auto generate full
or part of it... this is not illegal. If Apple say so, even if you have
signed, but if you refuse anybody from Apple to come at your home and check,
the judge will have to decide. And your attorneys will object that there is
no reson to authorize this as it would be an unreasonable infringment of
your fundamental freedom... 

And... any provision in an Apple contract saying that this use of a runrev
app somwhere in the line could be challenged at court in view of the yet non
existing, but implied, "freedom of thinking" clause in the bill of right..
man shall we have to vote that one in???? 

In France many contracts are "OVERULED" by laws that dictacte what clauses
are valid or invalid ab initio, whatever you sign...  and this 3.3.1 clause
would not stand a chance in France and Europe.

>From a technical point of view there cannot be any violation of right..
where there are no rights! And apple just has not the right to decide how
you think... and has no right to forbid you to copy and paste xcode from a
published source of code that allows it, however "generic" and not original
it is... There are limits to how far in your life a contract can reach.

Nevertheless, I'm in sympathy with Steve Jobs concern to control the quality
of pieces of software that run on apples machines...  !!!

again the good news is that if flash gets bitten, there maybe be more
opportunities for revWeb plugin and for ON-REV technologie to expand...
don't yu think?


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