How exactly does runrev for ipad/iphone work?

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Fri May 7 08:40:59 EDT 2010

René Micout wrote:

 > Hello Chipp, Richard, Randall, ... Sorry Tom,
 > I'm sorry to revive the debate, but, for me, everything is
 > not clear...

I hope this becomes less of a debate and simply a healthy, sober 
discussion of business decisions.  If we maintain a professional tone I 
think many aspects of this thread can be very valuable.

 > I make a supposition — unfortunaly it is a supposition :-(
 > I am an expert with RevTalk and Objective C.
 > I make a tool that allows me to write a project with RevTalk
 > language. I use Interface Builder to create the interface.
 > I click a "magic" button and all my work turns into a perfect
 > Objective C code.
 > I enter my new Objective C code (copy and paste) in Cocoa Xcode on
 > my Macintosh and I start construct the application as if I type
 > all with my little hands...
 > How Apple can prove that I used the language RevTalk to "prototype"
 > my code ?
 > Am I in this case in violation of § 3.3.1 ? In absolute (towards
 > contract), yes, but where are the proof ?
 > If I act in this way, I don't see where is there problem...

The fact that you acknowledge in advance that it may be a violation -- 
and have done so in writing in a public forum <g> -- should be enough to 
question the practice.

I'm no lawyer, but the world's discussion of this issue seems to make it 
clear that Apple is firm on the code provenance issue, that you cannot 
use another language to generate C/C++/Objective-C, but instead the app 
must be "originally written in" such a language.

The terms of the license make such a violation punishable under criminal 

If the Gizmodo case is any indicator, you could expect a SWAT team to 
arrest you and confiscate your computers.

Even if you ultimately prevail in such a case, or if some class-action 
or FTC suit later forces Apple to reconsider their unusual stance on 
this, in the meantime you would be in jail awaiting trial and that would 
destroy your business.

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