How exactly does runrev for ipad/iphone work?

Chipp Walters chipp at
Fri May 7 01:30:20 EDT 2010

It's not about axes to grind-- it's just about business. Apple has stated they don't want cross platform dev tools for iPhone. Period. Why would Rev consider trying to go around their wishes without their expressed consent?

Let's take an example. Say you're Adobe's CEO, and you just finished spending millions of dollars building CS5 for Flash. It compiles beautifully into fast iPhone compatible binaries and now you believe you have a great authoring environment for iPhone which will sell millions of copies. But, Apple goes out of it's way to rewrite their licensing terms JUST so THAT doesn't happen.

So, you're sitting in a 'What's next?' meeting and someone tells you:

"You know, we can modify our CS5 compiler to spit out Xcode compatible C and it will only take another year and another million bucks." 

What do you do? Apple's made it pretty clear they'll do whatever it takes to keep you off their platform. If you say, "Go ahead," then I would fire you, as would all of your shareholders.

Chipp Walters
CEO, Shafer Walters Group, Inc

On May 7, 2010, at 12:01 AM, Randall Reetz <randall at> wrote:

> Adobe has an axe to grind.  Rev doesn't, (or does it?).  Rev needs to be nimble and adaptive, play nice… the benevolent parasite.
> Randall

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