How exactly does runrev for ipad/iphone work?

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Thu May 6 22:39:22 EDT 2010

I read your note richard.  It is very detailed and differs substantially from another person's explanation which said it works exactly as I have guessed, translating to C source.  Just trying to get to the actual method as that might allow compliance.

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Randall wrote:

 > Really?  It takes a rev stack and converts all content into
 > OBJECTIVE C source.  Inserts it into the apple blessed ipad
 > IDE, and then compiles an app in the apple blessed IDE?  How
 > would apple know or care where the app spent its early years?
 > I don't think that is how revmobile works.  Not exactly.  Am
 > I wrong?

You're iPhone seems to be preventing you from reading many of the posts 

This has been addressed before, twice just today - here's one:

The rest of the archives from this list are available here:

In the interest of bandwidth I won't answer that question any more.

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