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Kurt Kaufman kkaufman at
Thu May 6 20:34:00 EDT 2010

Richard Gaskin:
> Randall Reetz wrote:
>>  > What about HTML 5 and web content as a runRev stack publication
>>  > option?  What does HTML 5 say about mobile devise specific input
>>  > like orientation, acceleration, position, multi-touch?
> Yes, HTML5/JavaScript/WebKit is pretty much what PhoneGap is relying on, 
> and they've gotten the official green light from Apple.
> As of 1:28PM on 6 May that's the only option for multi-platform 
> deployment that includes iPhone OS.
> Whether or not it remains an option for iPhone OS deployment at 2:00PM 
> cannot be known by any developer or investor banking on it.
> For all other OSes, however, it is reasonably well known to be a good 
> option for the foreseeable future.

I bought a Nokia "smart" phone recently (needed GSM for travel and felt the iPhone was a bit too bulky for a shirt pocket) and, on a whim, looked into programming options for the Symbian OS.  The free Web Runtime Kit (WRT) offered through the efforts of Nokia and others allows the production of HTML/CSS/JS widgets that can run natively on the Symbian phones, but I understand there are significant limitations when compared to what revMobile would be likely to offer for the iPhone (based on the demonstrations of the iPhone apps on the runrev site). Aside from the different programming languages/methods used, what might the combination of HTML5/JavaScript/WebKit lack that revMobile would offer on the iPhone/iPad?


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