How exactly does runrev for ipad/iphone work?

Chipp Walters chipp at
Thu May 6 18:42:54 EDT 2010


I had a recent chat with another list member, and he informs me you have
many clients who use Apple products, specifically iPhone, and perhaps you
may be more sensitive to Apple's point of view because of it. I can
certainly understand your desire to not create a sense of fear in all of

Hey, I'm OK with Apple products. I absolutely LOVE my iPhone-- single most
amazing device I've owned since my first 128K Mac. I release all my apps on
both Windows and Mac. I'm just OK with my iPad-- still I use it all the

But, what I'm most concerned about is the very future of our beloved RunRev.
As you may know, I haven't posted on this or the Improve list for quite some
time, but am doing so because this current issue of Apple's revisionist
licensing has the potential to really affect us all in a HUGE way.

After all, this new license is in the iPhone 4.0 SDK, not 1.0 or 2.0 or 3.0.
This decision, however wrong in my eyes, should have been made a very long
time ago. Many existing tools vendors and their customers and THEIR
customers are affected-- to the tune of hundreds of thousands of users and
millions of dollars. If successful, it sets an industry precedence which can
effectively treat all cross-platform dev tools (RunRev included) like
outlaws-- in all industries, on all OS'es.

I'm blogging about this at I'm commenting about it in
others blogs, too. This is very serious stuff. I'm not trying to spread FUD
but to try and help put pressure on Apple to rethink their very destructive
positioning on all of this.

I really am sorry if you are offended, my intention was not to do so. I
still will defend what I see as a clear injustice by Steve Jobs to the rest
of the cross-platform community in general, and to Rev in particular.

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