How exactly does runrev for ipad/iphone work?

Randall Reetz randall at
Thu May 6 15:25:15 EDT 2010

The EU is even more attentive to anti-trust issues than are US courts.  Believe me, these cases are under development in the US and the EU courts.  What Steve has done simply accelerates the process and priority of said.  There are ways around the app store and these ways will receive more attention shortly.

Is RunRev joining any class action law suits addressing this grievance?  Anyone know of any such suits and how to join them?


On May 6, 2010, at 12:15 PM, Andre Garzia wrote:

> Good idea Randall... build it and go tell the Supreme Court. I will wait
> here and wonder why tiny Adobe and RunRev team didn't do the same thing.
> Now being realistic. It is not that simple Randall...
> You CAN'T BUILD AND DISTRIBUTE A PLAYER, now it is the fifth time I tell
> that here and the second time I tell it to you. YOU CAN'T and this is not
> because the U.S. Constitution, actually, there are other goverments in the
> world with different constitutions and there's something called the E.U.
> with a whole bunch of cool laws around. It doesn't matter right now because
> only way to distribute your software is thru the app store. And yes, if you
> are a member of the iPhone developer program, you can hook up to 100
> iDevices to your development machine and install software on them but this
> is not reasonable way to distribute software. And yes you can be a member of
> university program or enterprise program and be allowed to install pretty
> much anything on your university/enterprise iphones/ipads but this still is
> no solution for those that want to distribute software to end users, the
> only way to do that is thru the app store and they will not allow a player
> thru.
> Sue them if you want, you will not be the only one.
> On Thu, May 6, 2010 at 4:06 PM, Randall Reetz <randall at>wrote:
>> This is an interesting Supreme Court subject.  I could write a tight case
>> that shows that code is content.  An executable program is first amendment
>> protected expressive content exactly the same as is expected and enjoyed by
>> a poet or a painter.
>> So, build an ipad and iphone stack runner (using Apple's blessed IDE) and
>> be done with it.  Then the question is how to distribute runrev generated
>> stacks for the iphad?
>> After that, the question is:  Does apple restrict the distribution of
>> ebooks, movies, sounds or other content as a function of origin, protocol,
>> or content?
>> If so, they will eventually face the courts on that issue for sure.  Anyone
>> know what the civil liberties people are doing with regard to this topic?
>> It is one thing to be a media broadcaster or a content source, but to be
>> that and the proprietor of the only equipment through with that same content
>> can be consumed, wow, that is so beyond illegal that it is only a matter of
>> time before Apple gets the big legal spanking it deserves.
>> Randall Reetz
>> On May 6, 2010, at 11:49 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>>> Randall Reetz wrote:
>>>> One way to do this is the old runrev virtual machine idea (build
>>>> and distribute a rev stack player app for iphads).  The world's
>>>> legal systems protect (US first amendment) free speech and content
>>>> authorship such that source content can not be messed with or
>>>> restricted to or tied to exclusive protocol.  No one can tell
>>>> William Shakespeare what type of pen he can write with or printing
>>>> presses he can publish with.
>>> If you write code as prose there is no restriction at play.
>>> The restriction applies only to executable instructions, which include
>> all scripting languages.
>>> At this time Python, Perl, Squeak, even languages essential for research
>> like R and MatLab, are not allowed in iPhone OS.
>>> According to Apple, researchers must use an Android-powered device to do
>> their work. ;)
>>> How does this apply to macros and formulas in Apple's own Numbers app? At
>> the moment they may well constitute "executable code", and are certainly
>> interpreted.  I'll wager the license changes again as soon as someone points
>> this out to them.
>>> What time is it now, and what will the iPhone developer license look like
>> by 2:12PM?
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