How exactly does runrev for ipad/iphone work?

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Thu May 6 15:01:20 EDT 2010


There can't be a revPlayer option. For the love of the almighty forum
search, check out some information. There can't be any kind of player on
iPhone OS. It is restricted. There can't be any kind of code interpreter,
code runner, code compiler, code transmogrifier on iPhone OS and this has
been the source of most of the problems for everyone.

This is the main problem and why RunRev had to change their engine in the
first place. This has been told and retold in this list and in basically
every other iPhone development list since forever. The restriction on
interpretation of code.

When you join the iPhone Developer program you accept an agreement that
enforces this restriction. If this agreement is not in tune with the U.S.
Constitution or whatever is not the point. The point is that you AGREE to
abide by some rules, if you break them and they kick you out of the store,
then you know why.

I remember at least three occasions where I wrote to this list talking on
the very subject of engine changes and why interpreters, JIT and all the
cool runtime stuff is not allowed.

What you sau about "This relegates stacks to source-document status" makes
no sense!!! There's a difference between raw data and code. A shakespeare
play will not fail to execute, it will not follow logic patterns, it will
not do math, it will not post to twitter, it will not execute anything. It
is not code.

Yes, you can load textual representation of source code in the iPhone but
you CANT EXECUTE IT not because some technical flaw but because theres a
FREAKING AGREEMENT telling you (and you accepted) that you can't!

This is the problem and there's no solution for executing foreign code in
the iPhone without violating these rules. The only option is to compile the
whole revolution stack down to bytecodes, creating a library that wraps the
engine, assembling then together in a nice XCode SDK project so that you
just hit build on XCode and be happy. Now, this can be done, but it takes
time and resources.

On Thu, May 6, 2010 at 3:50 PM, Randall Reetz <randall at>wrote:

> If I were rev, I would choose the revPlayer App option.  This relegates
> stacks to source-document status, (not unlike ebooks, pdf's, .txt, html, IM,
> .snd, .mov, and other source data protocols).  Apple would wind up in some
> deep deep legal poopoo if it was seen to restrict document access and
> display on their devices.
> Steve's frustration with Adobe has overrun his ability to think rationally.
>  What surprises me is that nobody at apple had the balls to tell him so and
> stop the madness before it left campus.
> Randall Reetz
> On May 6, 2010, at 11:42 AM, Randall Reetz wrote:
> > One way to do this is the old runrev virtual machine idea (build and
> distribute a rev stack player app for iphads).  The world's legal systems
> protect (US first amendment) free speech and content authorship such that
> source content can not be messed with or restricted to or tied to exclusive
> protocol.  No one can tell William Shakespeare what type of pen he can write
> with or printing presses he can publish with.
> >
> > Apple has walked a fine line here for years.  In the world of sound
> recordings, there has always been enough purchasing venues (record stores)
> to provide the requisite freedom of expression and publication.  But when
> Apple ties content source to player they are violating the same laws that
> worked against Microsoft's browser integration scheme.  What apple used to
> get away with when it was the little guy no longer applies now that they
> dominate the media player landscape.
> >
> > Randall Reetz
> >

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