Apples actual response to the Flash issue

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Tue May 4 13:12:49 EDT 2010

  On 04/05/2010 19:44, René Micout wrote:
> I have also a SE30, II FX and all my portables (Mac Portable, PB170, PB9400, PB G3 (black), PB Titanium, PB G4 12")
> All the others have been recycled... snif... :-(
> I only keep the Mac on which I worked
> Le 4 mai 2010 à 18:35, stephen barncard a écrit :
>> I still have my working SE-30, which still has big screen capability,
>> 10Base-T Ethernet, and an accelerator.  Last use was to be an SMTP and FTP
>> server - worked well.
>> I'm keeping that unit, but am giving my other Mac history items away - any
>> luddites in SF call me before they become e-waste. I have an 9600,  8100,
>> and 7100, a cube, and an iMac.
  Most of my computers are stored in the attic of my house in Scotland, 
so I only
get to see them about every 2 years; however it is always a pleasure to find
that my 5260CD is still quite a good machine for basic WP and internet 
stuff when
I am over there and using dial-up via modem for a couple of weeks. I can see
no reason to get rid of them; love working with RunRev 1.1.1 on system 8.1;
makes me realise how far we have all come since then; yet, in some respects,
the whole experience was a lot cleaner then.

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