Apple Anti-Trust (was Apples actual response to the Flash issue)

Jeff Massung massung at
Tue May 4 12:13:53 EDT 2010

On Tue, May 4, 2010 at 10:29 AM, Neal Campbell <nealk3nc at> wrote:

> Hi Jeff
> But what happens if MSFT or Nintendo reject your app. They hold the same
> power of rejection that Apple does,

Not true. The idea of "reject" isn't quite the same in the console context
as it is for Apple and the App Store.

To simplify this greatly, Nintendo or MSFT actually agrees to your app long
before you ever get to the submission process. This is the process of
acquiring a title ID for your application. Some publishers do it late in the
process and others do it very early - even before they enter into
production. Once you have a title ID, your game has been "accepted".

It should be noted that the only times I've ever seen an app get rejected at
this stage is if it goes way beyond what the console wants to be equated
with in the public eye. For example, making a pornography game on the
Nintendo likely wouldn't get a title ID.

The submission process is very different from getting a title ID. This is
nothing more than a glorified QA. It's when the console maker ensures that
you handle crazy situations: player removes the DVD while the game is
running, unplugs a controller, turns off the console during a save, leaves
the game running for days on end to test for memory fragmentation/leaks,
etc. Your game may be "rejected" at this stage, but only is as much as you
fix the bugs and resubmit. Once the bugs are gone, you're "gold".

Jeff M.

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