AW: need advice for keeping file flags in a zip

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Tue May 4 06:47:23 EDT 2010


after another Test, Thierry could reproduce the described behaviour that you
can't keep the locked flag (uchg) of a file when zipping it with PKzip. So
perhaps anybody can confirm either if it is a standard behavior/feature of
OSX 10.5/10.6 or it's a bug of OSX? Because I don't find any hints
googeling, I almost think it is standard, but why?
A folder containing a file with the locked flag.
Zipping it, e.g: ditto -c -k --sequesterRsrc SrcFolder
Unzipping it and the locked flag is gone

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> Betreff: OT: need advice for keeping file flags in a zip
> Hello,
> still struggeling with keeping the locked flag of a file when zipping
> and
> unzipping. I followed exactly Thierries advice to use following syntax:
> ditto -c -k --sequesterRsrc SrcFolder
> and though a locked file in Thierries environment is still locked after
> unzipping, in my environment (MacOS 10.5.8) the file isn't locked
> anymore
> after unzipping. So the difference must be in any other test parameter.
> What
> I have tried is following:
> -          Actually I am not sure, if the flag gets lost while zipping
> or
> unzipping. Anyhow, after unzipping, controlling the information of the
> file,
> the flag is lost
> -          I tried different zip tools for zipping and unzipping
> (ditto,
> 7zip, gui tar) with same result
> -          Originally my locked file resides within a bundle, but I
> tested
> also with a single locked testfile in the source folder with same
> result
> -          I tested different compression formats (zip, CPIO) with
> ditto
> with same result
> -          When using the ditto option -v (just copying a file) the
> locked
> flag is kept, but not with -c (creating a compressed archive)
> -          I also tested the ditto options: ditto -c -k --rsrc  --
> extattr
> SrcFolder with same result
> So it seems like my problem isn't the zipping and I am overlooking
> something
> obvious outside the zipping process. My Mac knowledge is so small, that
> I
> really stuck here, what could cause such a different behavior: OS
> version,
> User permission (I have full rights), ditto handling,.?
> Any advice appreciated
> Tiemo
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