Apples actual response to the Flash issue

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It sounds like the part you are missing in all of this is who Jon
Stewart is and what he represents. He is seen by many as the single
most powerful Progressive voice in the media. His calling out of Apple
and Jobs in particular, has huge ramifications, of which I am sure
concerns many inside Apple. Jon trades in the same "hipness" currency
as Apple and BMW's.

You seem to confuse Jobs with a rock star, which is understandable.
Many faithful Apple followers are so enamored. The fact is, he's a
man. He makes big mistakes, and has huge wins. NeXT was a mistake, so
was not wanting to create a Mac II. And most here think he was
ingenuous when he lied about and and eventually killed Hypercard.
iPods were a huge win as was MacOS X. PowerPC, while starting on an up
note, ended up not so hot. The list goes on. The guy is, without a
doubt, a marketing genius. Still doesn't make him infallible.

Just because someone like Stewart calls him out, doesn't mean he's
jealous. Far from it. Jon points out how big a fan he is and has been
of Apple, but also points out some of the errors Apple is making these
days. In fact at the end of the segment, even Jon recognizes how this
might roll with his audience saying something about it being easier on
his fans to show pictures of Muhammed in a bikini versus talk bad
about Jobs. So, clearly he's a Steve Jobs fan.

The whole point of this is, if someone like Jon Stewart calls Apple,
"Appholes," then things must be pretty bad.

On Monday, May 3, 2010, Kay C Lan <lan.kc.macmail at> wrote:
> Whilst many may deify Michael Schumacher, Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, Lee
> Kwan Yew, Valentino Rossi, Lance Armstrong, Michael Phelps, Mozart, Leonardo
> da Vinci and even Bill Gates and Steve Jobs; there are also those who are
> deeply critical of them - most likely due to some deep-seeded jealousy.

> What that video confirmed to me, is no matter how much vitriol, hatred and
> disgust the presenter heaped upon Steve Jobs, no matter how logical or
> factual the arguments, no matter how enthusiastically the audience agreed
> with everything he said; for reasons I can not explain and certainly do not
> understand, in the dying seconds the presented admitted his lust for the
> next Apple product.

> All I can conclude is, if one with such a wholly justifiable aversion to
> Steve's latest antics will still so obviously go on buying Apple products,
> then how much more so the sheep-like general consumer.
> [yourname here] + Apple + Flash, I should have asked, if you had $1M to
> invest right now, and could only invest in Apple or Adobe, who would you
> pick?
> PS Apple just announced it has sold 1 million iPads in 28 days
> PPS It took Apple almost 3 months to sell 1 million iPhones
> PPS  Apple announces best non-holiday quarter ever, with revenues up 49
> percent and profits up 90 percent
> PPPS Adobe stock dropped 2% after Steve Jobs' Thoughts on Flash
> PPPPS Adobe drop iPhone as corporate phone
> PPPPPS Adobe stock takes further hit after Microsoft announce IE9 will not
> support Flash [movies]
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