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Paul D. DeRocco pderocco at
Tue May 4 02:07:52 EDT 2010

> From: J. Landman Gay
> > If so, then it looks like I could
> > simplify my code, and just do everything in the "startup" handler.
> That's what I do. :)

Okay, now I'm a little puzzled. I removed all the old stuff about creating a
template stack, adding the externals property to it, and then using it to
create a dummy stack. I then added the following code to my main stack

  on startup
    if the platform is "Win32" then
      set the externals of stack "main" to "externals/midi.dll"
      set the externals of stack "main" to "externals/midi.bundle"
    end if
  end startup

I can now successfully call my external, both under the IDE and as a
standalone. However, when I examine the property sheet for my main stack
under the IDE, the property doesn't exist. If I go into the Message Box and

  put the externalPackages of stack "main"

to see what's actually loaded, it lists nothing either. Yet it must be
there, because it's working. Shouldn't both properties exist?


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