User Extensions/Externals

Graham & Heather Harrison crw at
Mon May 3 22:37:23 EDT 2010

Jacque wrote:

> But look at the nice thread you started. 

Yes, it has been very informative… and civilised.

Taking as much on board as I can, these would be my suggestions for someone still on the rev learning curve, who is working on one platform (probably true for most while learning), and wants to try an External.

1) Ignore whatever is in User Extensions in Preferences/Files & Memory. It will not affect you at all.

2) Put your platform External into the equivalent of ../Revolution Studio/4.0.0-gm-1/Externals

3) Update the Externals.txt file in the same folder to recognise your External. It is a one line addition. Follow the format of current lines.

4) Start up rev and start writing scripts referencing the external. Any new stack will automatically include the External. Old one's may need a save/restart. There is no need for any special code to recognise the External.

Note: If you reference "externals" or "externalPackages" for "me" or "this stack", your new External will not appear. Under these circumstances I can't see why you would want to reference them anyway. They will appear, along with all the ones shipped with rev, if you reference "externals" or "externalPackages" for "stack home".

By the time you need anything more complicated than this, you should be much more knowledgeable.

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