Apples actual response to the Flash issue

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Mon May 3 13:32:04 EDT 2010

While, there is certainly nothing wrong with deifying Stevie for
yourself, please don't expect us to follow your self serving logic.
Fact is, Steve's already got himself in some hot water over his recent
draconian practices: (scroll to 1:20 and watch from there.)

On Monday, May 3, 2010, Kay C Lan <lan.kc.macmail at> wrote:
> Ah, been gone for a couple of hours and come back to exactly what I
> expected. Not a single List member nominated another List member as being
> more capable of running Apple than Steve Jobs.
> And not for want of campaigning. Some very spirited and some rather long
> posts clearly trying to persuade the masses to vote their way, but in the
> end not a single mind was changed, not a single prejudice altered - although
> I much enjoyed the Electrical Engineers manifesto ;-)
> So what it all boils down to is, some of us think Steve is wrong, and some
> of us think that Steve is right, but regardless of whether he's right or
> wrong, ALL of us know, deep down inside, no matter how much it pains us,
> that Steve + Apple - Flash will make a whole heap more money than [your name
> here] + Apple + Flash. And everyone on the List agrees ;-)
> And the sediment left in the bottom is actually the pile of all our own
> prejudices,  failings, misgivings, inadequacies, lack of vision and lack of
> confidence.
> I, and I know others on this List, don't see the point of an iPad. If I were
> running Apple it would be an unmitigated failure because I have no
> confidence in the product, no vision on what it could do, no talent on how
> to market it, and no drive to see it through. It wouldn't matter if I
> listened to everyone on this List and added all the bells and whistles it's
> critics are complaining about. It would be a failure.
> But in Steve's hands I know it will be a success. I've been blown away by
> what some people have dreamt up for the thing. After seeing this:
> Alice In Wonderland - iPad eBook <>
> If I had grandchildren, I'd buy one for them, not question. My wife will
> undoubtedly buy one, regardless of my 'what for???' protests. And if I
> somehow manage to get out of paying for it, she'll persuade her work to buy
> a couple.
> Some think that the Flash decision is wrong, but really all they are
> reflecting is the fact that they themselves couldn't make it work because of
> all their own sediment.
> Whether it's right or wrong isn't anywhere near as important as whether
> Steve can continue to make money without Flash, and I, and I'm sure most on
> this List, deep down, believe he can. Steve knows the market, knows how to
> spin things, knows where he's headed, knows the steps to get there, knows
> what life is like with Flash, and has a good handle on what life will be
> like without Flash, and it is he who has chosen the time to pull the plug.
> The Future will shortly be History repeating itself.
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