Apple Anti-Trust (was Apples actual response to the Flash issue)

David Bovill david.bovill at
Mon May 3 11:21:37 EDT 2010

Yes - I hope it ramps things up.

On 3 May 2010 15:34, Lynn Fredricks <lfredricks at> wrote:

> > Is this true ?
> >
> > djFoLD5vBSkguGO
> I hope you all don't mind my splitting this topic away from the others.
> If this is true, it may actually bring about some desirable changes. While
> a
> few squeaking developers may not have any impact on the state of
> Revolution-on-iPhone/iPad, this sort of thing can have "shareholder value"
> consequences.

I think Steve Jobs underestimated developer reaction in the age of the
internet and open source - he can't get away with the same sort of things
quite as easily as companies could last century. I also doubt he will take
very well to the sudden realization that he has turned from underdog
fighting the cause of good design, to a one-man-band lock-in merchant in the
eyes of quite so many young developers.

RunRev needs all of this + the anti-trust threat to make sure revMobile on
the iPhone does not fall out of this as collateral damage - the more
pressure the more reason Apple will have to negotiate exceptions. Especially
in Runrev can offer some technological features that are specific to the
iPhone that CS5 does not offer? Google must be loving this.

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