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Mon May 3 10:21:43 EDT 2010

René Micout wrote:


 From tech blogger Hank Williams, on April 9:

   Trying to control where something is originally done is
   attempting to control the thought process that yields a
   given result. Because if you thought of it in Java, and
   wrote it in java, and then, whether by hand or by tool,
   converted it to C, you are now outside the bounds of 3.3.1.

   Some may say my interpretation is too pedantic. But the
   point is that in order for Apple to limit people in the
   way that they want to, i.e. to prevent the use of a given
   tool, they are inflicting collateral damage. I do not
   think there is a way to achieve their goal without such
   ridiculous restrictions. I have not done my legal homework
   here, but this seems to be a clear example of restraint of
   trade, a basic tenet of contract law.

Kinda ironic that Apple launched the Mac with a "1984"-themed ad, and 
now are willing to pursue criminal penalties for anyone who commits 
coder thoughtcrime.

Doubleplus ungood.

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